Published by Datamation on Apr 17, 2015

Deflating the Cloud BI Hype Balloon

With apologies to Mark Twain, the reports of the upcoming demise of most enterprise IT jobs due to cloud computing is greatly exaggerated. New survey data and some discussions with leading analysts lead to a conclusion that public and private cloud will add new layers to the traditional IT architectural stack at large enterprises, and therefore new challenges.

Indeed, the rising interest in cloud-based business intelligence apps that provide marketing, sales, HR and even the finance department with what appears to be a fast and inexpensive way to use analytics to solve business problems is a job-creating gift for many IT pros. It turns out that the interconnection of public, private and on premise systems is a bit of a hair ball, to borrow Sun Microsystems’ co-founder Scott McNealy’s famous phrase.

The new report, “Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence,” from Dresner Advisory Services is based on an extensive global survey of more than 500 business and IT professionals. The report says 23% of the respondents currently use cloud BI, with another 38% thinking about it. And roughly four out of 10 say “No way!”

Howard Dresner, a pioneer in the BI world and the author of the report, detects a modest decline in cloud BI’s perceived importance, relative to prior years.

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Published by Information Management on Apr 09, 2015

Cloud-based Business Intelligence Goes Mainstream

More than 50 percent of businesses currently use or plan to use cloud-based business intelligence, according to a survey by Dresner Advisory Services. Still several common hurdles have limited cloud-based BI’s adoption in some companies.

The report, the latest in the firm’s Wisdom of Crowds series of research, examines usage trends and perceptions of cloud BI. The primary barrier to adoption of cloud-based BI remains security, and cloud BI as a concept retains “mid-tier importance” among the 775 survey respondents worldwide.

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Published by inside BIGDATA on Mar 24, 2015

Comprehensive End User Data Preparation Market Study Defines an Emerging Space

We are delighted that a recent report by Dresner Advisory Services, a well-respected research firm in the Business Intelligence (BI) community, headed by former Gartner analyst, Howard Dresner, further validates our founding insights.

The first-ever “End User Data Preparation Study” conducted as part of the Wisdom of Crowds™ Market Study series shows that an overwhelming percentage of respondents recognize the need to improve end user data preparation. In the study, 85 percent of respondents indicated that end user data preparation is “important to critical” with 65 percent considering it “very important to critical.”

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Published by SearchBusinessAnalytics on Mar 13, 2015

Cloud business intelligence grows, but most BI users still grounded

In a Q&A, consultant Howard Dresner discusses cloud business intelligence trends and why more user organizations have yet to embrace cloud BI services.

User adoption of cloud business intelligence tools increased “dramatically” over the past three years, according to Howard Dresner, founder, president and chief research officer at consultancy Dresner Advisory Services. He expects interest in cloud BI and analytics to continue to grow. Even so, the cloud is still pretty sparsely populated by BI users: In a survey conducted last year by Dresner’s company, only 20% of the 853 respondents from user organizations said they were currently running BI applications in public clouds, and nearly 70% said they had no plans to do so.

Dresner began conducting his annual Wisdom of Crowds Cloud Business Intelligence Market Study in 2012. In an interview with SearchBusinessAnalytics, he discussed cloud BI trends, the results of the 2014 survey and why many companies remain hesitant to embrace the cloud for BI. Dresner said there are various benefits to using cloud BI services, including lower licensing, hardware and ongoing management costs. But in a lot of cases, those benefits are outweighed by lingering concerns about putting BI data in the cloud.

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Published by Computer Business Review on Feb 20, 2015

Software vendors extend access to big data tools

Oracle and Salesforce have both made big plays over analytics this week, in a another clear sign that the use of big data will be a key battleground in the enterprise software market.

As part of the plans Oracle has launched several analytics programs including its Hadoop-enabled tool Big Data Discovery, whilst Salesforce has opened up its analytics platform Wave to mobile users.

Customers of Salesforce will be able to use Wave on mobile to import data directly into the firm’s Analytics Cloud, as well as design a data dashboard from their phones, and browse data.

“Business intelligence is now the number two priority in mobile applications for the first time ever, trailing only email,” said Howard Dresner, chief research officer, Dresner Advisory Services.

“User empowerment is key right now, and cloud and mobile BI (business intelligence) solutions are providing faster channels of delivering fact-based insights to more business users at key points of decision.”

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