Published by Sandhill on May 20, 2014

Dresner’s Point: Don’t Sidestep the BI Control Issue

Mark Twain wrote that the difference between the right word and the almost-right word is like the difference between lightning and a lightning bug. In the world of business intelligence the word in question is “control.”

We discussed the issue of control at one of my Friday #BIWisdom tweetchats when someone asked whether there is a trend in BI control moving away from the IT group and to the business users. After all, this movement away from IT is happening in infrastructure, ERP and front-end technologies. IT is shifting to more of a supporting role rather than a driver mandating BI solution decisions.

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Published by Sandhill on Apr 14, 2014

Dresner Study on Location Intelligence Reveals Priorities in Mobile and Internet of Things

We expand the data we collect annually in our Wisdom of Crowds® Market Study, and late last year we added a segment on key location intelligence issues. Location intelligence is a form of business intelligence where the dominant dimension used for analysis is location or geography. We added this area of study because there is growing demand among BI users for location intelligence functionalities, especially with the increased use of mobile devices. This benchmark study to determine where the use of location intelligence is headed revealed that vendor investment needs to catch up with user priorities.

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Published by Sandhill on Apr 01, 2014

Dresner’s Point: Three Cheers for Business Intelligence Troublemakers!

Sparks usually fly in my #BIWisdom Friday tweetchats when we discuss what makes business intelligence initiatives and technology succeed or fail. Coming from different perspectives (users, vendors, consultants and other analysts), the tribe tweets with a laser focus on what they’ve seen in the BI trenches that turned out to be home runs or bungled efforts. In a recent discussion we tweeted about BI dos and don’ts.

A few of their gems:

Don’t view business intelligence technology as a silver bullet.
Do view BI as needing to be dynamic and changing to succeed in the long run.
Don’t choose (more) technologies before identifying problems to solve.
Do understand what skills the organization needs to develop, acquire or hire before finalizing the budget.
Don’t neglect connecting BI facts to actions; otherwise, you’ll just have a pretty dashboard.

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Published by Sandhill on Feb 24, 2014

Can Independent Business Intelligence Vendors Survive?

At one of my recent Friday #BIWisdom tweetchat sessions, I posed two thought-provoking questions to the tribe:

Can independent business intelligence vendors survive against software providers that provide BI capabilities in the context of other applications?
Will there be massive consolidation in the BI market during 2014?
They plunged into the tweeted discussion with differing viewpoints.

Critical distinction

First came tweets touting independent BI vendors’ critical distinctions. They provide focused analytical capabilities and the ability to think outside the enterprise box. Really serving users requires agility, and independents have the advantage there. Independent vendors can create data-specific services (such as weather apps or Twitter analytics) that complement mainstream BI. They create value by expanding the walled garden whereas mega vendors create value by building higher walls.

Someone tweeted that innovation is necessary for increasing penetration of BI solutions in organizations, and smaller independents are in a better position to innovate. Others chimed in: The emergence of new vendors suggests gaps left by the existing vendors — gaps in usability, functionality and cost.

Their first conclusion: Independents are absolutely necessary for pushing the incumbents. And independents fill niches faster. However, that makes them better targets for acquisition.

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Published by Sandhill on Feb 05, 2014

Dresner Study Finds Companies’ Mobile Computing and Business Intelligence Preferences Changing

We have surveyed and studied trends in the mobile market for five years and, until last year, noted little change in the debates on best practices and preferences in several issues. But our recently published 2013 Wisdom of Crowds® Mobile Computing / Mobile Business Intelligence Market Study clearly shows that opinions changed in the past year.

We collected survey data in September-October 2013 from 1,182 top-management and BI executives for our fifth annual benchmark study. Their companies range in size from fewer than 100 employees to more than 5,000, cover more than 14 industries and a wide array of geographies (22 EMEA countries, eight APAC countries, four Canadian provinces and 30 U.S. states).

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