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Are BI Vendors Missing the Boat for Customer Success?

September 11, 2015:

There are moments when you realize that you discovered something important. That happened to me recently after I spoke with business intelligence vendors that have customer success programs – yet their customers remain unhappy. Of course you could make a case that the customers didn’t train their users well enough on the BI tools or that the implementation wasn’t smooth or they had bad data.

I brought up this issue in one my recent Friday #BIWisdom tweet chats, where participants include vendors, customers, analysts and consultants. Their immediate reaction was similar to the aftermath of a storm. Quiet. The usually boisterous group with quickly tweeted opinions was quiet and didn’t tweet for a few minutes. I could almost hear their minds churning through their thoughts. Their initial tweets finally came, and it was easy to see that neither customers nor vendors had much experience with customer success programs.

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** Now Available ** Third Annual Embedded BI Market Study **

Embedded Business Intelligence is the technological capability to include BI features and functions as an inherent part of another application.

For this, our third Embedded Business Intelligence report, we focus upon the requirement to make BI capabilities pervasive by including them as a part of other applications.

Like our other thematic research reports, Embedded BI explores user perceptions and intentions and includes rankings for 21 vendors, making it a valuable tool for anyone considering investing in embedded BI products and services.

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Announcing The 2015 Industry Excellence Awards

The Dresner Advisory Services Industry Excellence Awards recognize vendors who achieved high rankings in one or both of two new market models unveiled in this year’s flagship BI and Planning reports. The Customer Experience model considers the real-world experience of customers working with these technology solutions on a daily basis, plotting vendor touch points — sales and service — and customer sentiment surrounding product and technology. The Vendor Credibility Model considers a vendor’s relationship with their customer, plotting value for price paid against a “confidence” score comprised of integrity and recommend measures.

Awards were presented to 15 vendors across four categories: Overall Leaders, Value Leaders, Technology Leaders, and Service Leaders.

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2015 Inaugural Internet of Things and BI Market Study

The first edition Internet of Things and Business Intelligence Market Study is the newest report in the Wisdom of Crowds® series of research. In it we review interest and demand for business intelligence (BI) in an IoT world and examine key related technologies such as location intelligence, end user data preparation, cloud computing, and advanced and predictive analytics.

Internet of Things (IoT) is defined as the network of physical objects or “things” embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity to enable objects to collect and exchange data.

Included are 70 pages of analysis, more than 50 charts and 17 vendor ratings making this report essential to any organization exploring any IoT project or initiative.

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