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Dresner’s Point: Will 2015 be the Year for Operational BI & Hybrid EDW?"

February 11, 2015:

Tweets flew back and forth quickly at one my recent Friday #BIWisdom tweetchats. The tribe really got into sharing their opinions of where BI is today – thanks to hopes for advancements in 2014 that were achieved or remain unfulfilled – and opinions about what BI technologies organizations will invest in during 2015.

Here are their top observations regarding what’s gaining buzz for growth and investments for 2015:

- Natural language processing (NLP)
- Infographics
- Streaming BI due to the Internet of Things
- In-memory analytical sandboxes sitting above a hybrid EDW with traditional and non-traditional sources
- Operational BI

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Data collection for our 6th annual Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study underway!

Business Intelligence is our passion and our focus for the past 26 years! If it’s important to you too, please take a few minutes to share your views on the subject.

Right now we’re collecting data for the following BI topic areas:

- Advanced and Predictive Analytics
- BI Competency Center
- Business Intelligence Market
- Cloud BI
- Collaborative BI
- Enterprise Planning

The survey takes about 15 – 20 minutes to complete and most questions are optional – although we request that you be as thorough as possible.

Qualified users will receive a complimentary copy of our findings.

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Now Available: 2015 End User Data Preparation Market Study Report

End User Data Preparation is a “self service” capability for end users to model, prepare, and combine data prior to analysis. This may complement traditional IT-driven Data Quality/ETL processes or may be used independently.

The 2015 Wisdom of Crowds® End User Data Preparation market study addresses key end user data preparation issues, including end user requirements and features, industry support for end user data preparation, user requirements compared to industry capabilities, and ratings of key vendors with offerings in this space.

Included are 91 pages of in-depth market analysis, with over 70 charts and tables, and 26 vendor rankings examining the nature of end user data preparation, exploring user sentiment and perceptions, the nature of current implementations, and plans for the future. It also includes cross-tab analysis, where relevant, to explore key differences using the collected demographics.

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