Collaborative Computing and BI,2015: Three Takeaways

June 23 2015:

Recently we published our fourth annual Wisdom of Crowds Collaborative Computing and Business Intelligence Market Study.

At the highest level, collaborative support for group-based analysis remains a mid-tier BI priority in 2015, behind dashboards and data warehousing, yet ahead of topics including cloud BI, big data and social media analysis. A majority consider both collaborative BI and enterprise frameworks, at minimum, important.

Collaboration is integral to most business activities. Today, organizations have more tools and channels by which to collaborate than at any time in history. Our report documents – from traditional to contemporary – the many ways individuals share business intelligence in group collaboration. Our survey ensures users and the industry explain what they prioritize and what makes them successful. We pay special attention to collaboration features baked into BI software and the extensions and frameworks that support group projects and decision making.

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Included are 96 pages of in-depth market analysis, with 65 charts and tables, and 10 vendor rankings – examining the nature of enterprise planning, exploring user sentiment and perceptions, the nature of current implementations, and plans for the future. It also includes cross-tab analysis, where relevant, to explore key differences using the collected demographics.

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