Collaborative Business Intelligence is a Diamond in the Rough

December 29, 2015:

Here’s a serious number: $31.5 billion a year. Unfortunately, it’s not a revenue growth indicator. It’s how much Fortune 500 companies lose per year because of not sharing knowledge, according to an IDC study. Consider that $31.5 billion in light of the necessity for idea/insight sharing in the Digital Age, “Sharing Economy,” and innovation happening through the Internet of Things, and it’s easy to see that the number could quickly grow even larger.

The goal of collaboration is to improve an outcome; collaboration results in decision-making information (and even solutions to business problems) that are greater than one person can create. Certainly this is essential in this new business world where human-performed work is quickly becoming more knowledge based and sharing business intelligence and experience is a key to success in innovation and agility,.

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Location Intelligence is a form of Business Intelligence where the dominant dimension used for analysis is location or geography. Most typically, though not exclusively, analyses are conducted by viewing data points overlaid onto an interactive map interface.

The 2016 Wisdom of Crowds ® Location Intelligence market study addresses key Location Intelligence issues, including end user requirements and features, industry support for Location Intelligence, user requirements compared to industry capabilities, and ratings of key vendors with offerings in this space.

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Announcing The 2015 Tech Innovation Awards

The Dresner Advisory Services Technical Innovation award program recognizes the top vendors in each of its 2015 Wisdom of Crowds thematic market studies. The annual research reports are based on data collected from end users and provide a real-world perspective on various technical capabilities related to the business intelligence (BI) and analytics markets.

The 2015 Wisdom of Crowds thematic research covered topics such as Advanced & Predictive Analytics, Big Data Analytics, Collaborative Computing + BI, Embedded BI, End User Data Preparation, Internet of Things + BI, Location Intelligence, and Mobile Computing + BI. Each report examines current deployment trends, user intentions, and industry solutions.

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The Wisdom of Crowds Mobile Computing/Mobile Business Intelligence Market Study sheds light on pressing Mobile Business Computing issues, including the most popular platforms and integration features and the methods for prioritizing and deploying mobile applications. New this year is a section addressing the emergence of smartwatch technology.

This landmark seventh edition of the study contains a section dedicated to the role of Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) and its context within the broader mobile computing market. Topics include the importance of Mobile BI to organizations, the market segments most inclined to adopt Mobile BI, and perceived benefits and limitations of Mobile BI.

This report contains 88 pages of in-depth analysis with 58 charts and includes ratings for 24 vendors.

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